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It MAY Get Scary: 31 Days of Horror

A May Day Parade from a Movie I Won't be Watching this Month (but will be writing a paper on)              My last big night out before the pandemic was a Tuesday, Alamo Drafthouse’s Terror Tuesday to be precise. Usually, the Alamo’s steep price point and draconian no-talking rules send me to one of their competitors, but this Tuesday they were screening Paganini Horror , for a discount no less. I convinced my girlfriend to take the M train out to Brooklyn for the occasion. When else would I get to see a shitty Italian horror film from the director of my beloved Starcrash , featuring Suspiria ’s own Daria Nicoladi, a girl group, musical numbers, and a cursed violin? It was a fittingly on-brand last hurrah to public life.               The Real Paganini Horror was the Coronavirus!              So now what’s a movie-theater-apologist horror junkie supposed to do in this time of quarantine? Few pleasures equal the delights of going to a specialty theater, watching a