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Hobgoblins is the Greatest Film Ever Made You Cowards

             Roadrash presents my review of Hobgoblins             Last spring, to procrastinate on my thesis, I wrote my true magnum opus, a definitive taxonomy of bad movies . In doing so, I discussed many of what I then considered to be the finest bad movies of all time – classics like Plan 9 and the Room , my personal favorite Manos: The Hands of Fate , and lesser known gems like A Talking Cat?!? and Hackers . Yet at the time of writing, there was still so much I didn’t know. I reference Birdemic in the article despite having not yet seen it, and the work of the most recent bad movie auteur (category 1c) Neil Breen was as-yet unfamiliar to me. Cats , which may go down in history as Hollywood’s greatest Flop (category 1b), hadn’t even dropped its infamous trailer yet. Most egregious at all, I hadn’t yet seen a film that is now as dear to my heart than Manos , a film that troubles the very stability of my taxonomy, a film that simply does not receive the love it des